Love is Patient

Love is Patient…

Right in the middle of a rant at one of my children, I realized that I was not coming out on top when it came to this verse. The thought left me standing there paused in mid-sentence…and my child looking at me as though he didn’t know whether to run or prompt me…

We all have those moments, when we are feeling less than magnanimous (a silly $20 word that means generous or forgiving towards another, especially a rival or someone less powerful than us) and we let fly with a string of rediculous anger that neither sounds coherent or intelligent. I know I do, and most people in the world do at least once in their lives.


You see, we were born able to do that. The real measure of a lesson well learned, is remembering the words of the Bible before you let that rotten sounding tirade escape your mouth.

This isn’t just for our parent/child relationships

It is way too easy to become so at ease with your life partner, best friend or anyone you associate with, that you think they have to put up with your dirty rotten grouchy side. This is a very dangerous line of thinking. Nobody. I repeat, NOBODY needs that from you or anyone, and they certainly don’t have to stick around if you decide to dump it on them. Unfortunately, our children and spouses are sort of stuck with us, but that doesn’t give anyone the permission to be so rude. (I am guilty of this too, so don’t worry. I am talking to myself here too.)

God asks us to be patient with each other. Patient people get to see the beauty in the people around them, and also get to make wiser decisions about who they want to be around. God never said that we had to keep people in our lives that make us so crazy we want to go off like Sam. In being patient, I would say that we see the better side of people. And other people see the better side of us. Looking for the bad and looking for a fight is easy. Looking for the good and being patient with those who are struggling in front of us is beautiful and it helps us to have joy instead of regret in our lives.


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