Biblical Love: What did Jesus mean when he said “Love One Another”?

“Love One Another”

When God directed his people to “love one another” in 1 John chapter 3, He first directed us to believe in the name of His son, Jesus Christ. Jesus came that we might have life and know the love of God the Father. In loving one another and believing in Jesus, we apply the love that God would want for us.

In Asheritah Ciuciu’s blog post “14 Inspiring Bible Verses about God’s Love”, I found a short list of traits that God’s love contains. If you would like to read her whole post, just click on the title of her blog post and it will take you right to it! I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did. 

God wants to lavish His love upon us. I didn’t truly understand that until I met the man I am with now. He embodies the love that God has for us, in so many ways.

“God’s Love is stable and never changes”

The relationships with the men I dated in the past, taught me that the love I received was dependent upon how much I provided for them. I had to be a slave to their whims and change myself and my standards to accommodate them. I was being drained of life and love every day I was with them. I had nothing left to give by the time I left the relationships, and was drained for many years after the end of them. I just thought that was how it would always be, and the lofty dreams that I had entertained as a child were just that. Dreams.

The man who I share my life with now, loves me, no matter how much I put into our relationship, and he puts his entire heart into the love and life we share. He fills my life and my heart up so much, that I feel the love overflow. I am so much more capable of giving to him, the children and others in my life, as I am filled up even more than I put into him. Our love languages are so similar, that as we gain the overflow of love, it flows back to bless the other person. No matter what we go through, the constant is that we love each other fully and show it in all we do. God wants us to be so full of the joy and love that He is able to give us, that we shine with it. That love is what will draw others to His love and His grace.

“God’s love comforts us”

In the time when I needed the tangible comfort of God, He sent my dear one to me. Just months before my father died, God finally (or in his very perfect timing) orchestrated our meeting. I feel like it was the changing of the guard.

My father had been the constant and loving projection of God’s love for us for many years. He was a gentle and strong man, giving me a loving shoulder to lean on, an ear to vent to, and the strength to gain back my back bone and faith. When I yelled to the universe, never again will I love, my father said, never is too long…you were not meant to be alone.

When I found my Love, I learned that there was peace in his arms, calm in the storm, and joy that could be found again. We found an easy bond in each other. Very soon after we started build our new relationship, my father passed away while far from home. Instead of backing away, as I expected, my Love stepped up and offered to send me to Papa’s side. He stood with me through the pain, and was there, just the same on the other side of it. That is how God wants to be for us. He wants to be the one that we turn to when we are afraid, in pain, or in need of comfort.

How does He show us His love?

God shows us His love through so many things in our lives. Simple things that we take for granted, are there to make us smile or appreciate the world God created for us.

I look at the sunrise and the sunset, and the exciting difference a few clouds make to the beauty of it. It didn’t have to be so beautiful. God could have allowed the world to be steeped in a monochromatic hue of greys, whites and blacks. The fact that He made it so incredibly colorful, is a testament to His attention to our need for beauty. He hung the stars in the sky, and created constancy in the mathematical accuracy of the make-up of the planet. Food has taste that brings us pleasure, smells bring us joy or attract our attention. Touch calms and invigorates us. We were not created to be bored drones, but rather individuals craving relationship. God wants to be in that relationship with us, but will never force us.

Free will. It is His love that gives us that choice.



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