3 Days to Go! Last minute ideas for the Sensory Household.

Amid the hustle, perhaps a moment gained by shopping online.

Hi everyone! Today was a crazy day for shopping at the stores! There were so many frantic looking shoppers out there, trying to get things done, and looking a little less than joyful than we would like this season. I wouldn’t have been able to take my boys through the stores, as they would have been in overload so quickly that it would have been a terribly difficult experience for all of us. If there are a few last minute things you would like to grab for your family, I have a few suggestions for children and adults alike that could use some gifts that bring joy and peace. If you have kids that are easily over stimulated like mine, there are a few things that they could really love. I have also chosen things that are still available for shipping and arrival before the big day next week!

Notification: This post contains affiliate links to Amazon.ca. I will never suggest anything that I don’t believe is a good fit for families.

National Geographic Sparkling Play Sand is kinetic sand, an incredibly calming sensory toy. Adults are even in love with it. I love playing in the sand with the boys.

Water beads are really cool. At first my boys were skeptical, but I soon saw them just walking past the bowl and putting their hands in to feel the beads. One of my boys sat for an hour with his hands in the bowl, and he doesn’t sit anywhere for an hour unless there is a video game for him to play.

Sleep is a major issues for Autistic kids, high functioning or low functioning, and weighted blankets are so often suggested. My boys are each different in their sleep needs, but these are awesome. Please read all of the information and cautions about weighted blankets before buying and allowing your children to use them.

Fidget toys are also a must have for our kids, and any child enjoys having them around. I use them in my classrooms with adults too, as having something to play with in your hands that doesn’t distract others, can be a great way to enhance concentration. This is a multi-pack, and has a few different options!

For adults, I have a few of my favorite “chill time” activities for you!

  • Coloring books are really a hit. My favorites are the ones with more space than cluttered mandalas. Here is a list of coloring books that have all sorts of styles.
  • There are also plenty of markers for coloring. I really like the Sharpie markers and combine them with Ink Joy Gel pens for outlining.

My down time, now that the boys are older, includes making metal sculptures, painting, and drawing. Relaxation is very important for children, and also for adults taking care of them. Make sure this holiday season, that you also take the time to care for yourself.

Later on in the next week or so, I will put out a more comprehensive list of things that we use around here to help us feel at peace and give us space to “decompress” after long days in the busy world. I hope that you have a few ideas stemming from this post for last minute gifts for the sensitive ones in your house. Please give me some suggestions of things you have seen or tried! I am always looking for new ideas.


2 thoughts on “3 Days to Go! Last minute ideas for the Sensory Household.

  1. So true, one of the great benefits for being plug in is driving the kids around.

    Yes my youngest thinks he can take on a cougar and win. He has fighting skills of a two year old at best. Thank you internet for making him think he would win with a Puch to the nose and kill it.

    LOL so true today

    1. So true! I can think of so many times when my children have exhibited an extreme lack of so-called “common sense”. I will expand on that in Part 2!

      Thanks for your comment!

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